Multi-layer Protective Film Application

Our anti-graffiti window film provides easy & versatile interior & exterior application to keep your surfaces beautiful.

Protect Your Space with Durable Anti-Vandal Film

  • Useful for interior or exterior applications.
  • Particularly effective in resisting damage from glass-etching objects used by vandals.
  • Great for removing paint tagging to keep your professional image and give your customers confidence when they enter your establishment.
  • Install once and remove 4 layers prior to re-install.
  • If the film becomes scratched or etched, you remove 1 single layer at a time.
  • The application will not alter the appearance of glass or any surface.
INPS Scotchgard Application
The transit industry faces many issues involving property damage making it a prime target for graffiti.

  • Glass doors, revolving doors, windows, modesty panels, windscreens
  • Mirrors bathrooms/ such as hospitals restaurants museums parks
  • Flat metal and stainless steel surfaces  
  • Flat Walls on buildings

Interior & Exterior Multi-layer Protective Film Application Examples

Our Multi-Layer Window Protection Film can be used in many industries. INPS works with Distributors such as Facility Owners or Managers who would like to keep their buildings and vehicles clean, and fresh, which provides a new look.   

Buses – Trains – Stations – Bus Shelters  – Kiosks – Counters – Menu Boards – Gas Pumps – Retail Display

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