Anti-graffiti window film – for all industries

Introducing 3M™ Scotchgard™ Multi-Layer Protective Film 1004: Your Street-Level Defense. Peel away graffiti, scratches, and wear effortlessly.

3M™ Scotchgard™ Multi-Layer Protective Film 1004 provides street-level protection – for all industries. Peel away graffiti, scratches, acid etching, wear and tear, and other defacement from glass and smooth surfaces. This versatile optically transparent film is used to protect windows, mirrors, bus shelters, and other smooth surfaces where protecting your image, investment, and providing a safe feeling environment are important.

  • Cost-effective way to easily peel away scratches, graffiti and other defacements from glass or other smooth surfaces. 
  • Zero graffiti tolerance is achievable
  • Quicker removal of graffiti reduces the incidence of graffiti
  • Reduces maintenance costs with fast, easy and clean removal of film layers
  • No adhesive residue left after removal
window protection

Regardless of your facility, Scotchgard four-ply film protects your windows and flat surfaces from graffiti.

Street-level protection for government buildings

Government facilities are managed under highly strict guidelines when it comes to cleanliness and appearance.…

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Medical tools - Acid etching and other graffiti can occur in such respected places as hospitals and medical buildings.

Hospitals and medical buildings offer a multitude of surface areas vulnerable to damage and vandalism.…

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Commercial buildings are not exempt from graffiti. All surfaces are prime targets for vandalism.

Commercial buildings are not exempt from graffiti by acid etching and tagging. Elevators, escalators and…

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The common areas of a school are prime targets for vandalism and graffiti.

In the education sector around the world, vandalism has become an increasing threat. Acid etching…

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Restaurant Patio with tables and chairs - Service to your client includes the state of your property in hospitality industries.

A vital component of your promise of service to your client is the state of…

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The transit industry faces many issues involving property damage making it a prime target for graffiti.

Transit Stations The best value for the unexpected problems from issues such as property damage…

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