Retail and Restaurant Hospitality

A vital component of your promise of service to your client is the state of your property in the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries. Unfortunately, by acid etching and other branding techniques, dressing room mirrors, hotel room mirrors and bathroom stalls have all become prime targets for vandalism. The problem can be persistent and replacement is often a tedious and never-ending operation. This type of graffiti may result in decreased customer satisfaction and likely loss of sales and customer base if not handled.

Removable surface safety films are the most cost-effective approach to deal with graffiti. These films are optically clear for glass or mirrors. The films protect against damage from graffiti and/or shields a vulnerable area from damage before it happens. The film is easily removed and replaced should the surface be vandalized.

Protective film tackles vandalism while achieving considerable cost and time savings compared to replacement.

Protects your assets, windows, counters, digital drive-thrus, be it glass or other flat surface material.

Jewellery stores can have scratches on the glass surface from transactional handling.  The film protects the glass and a simple, one pull provides a fresh new sheet to look through.

Restaurant glass counter where you have food or pies under, display case where the cash register is.  It can get scratched from all the people’s money or rings hitting it.

At hotels, at the registration desk or glass walls or flat surfaces, 3M™ Scotchgard™ Multi-Layer Protective Film 1004 can be applied to the surface protecting the visual properties of the wall.  Maybe it’s a mural you are protecting?

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