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Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings are not exempt from graffiti by acid etching and tagging. Elevators, escalators and bathroom mirrors have all become prime targets for vandalism. This type of graffiti significantly impacts your building aesthetics could translate to decreased reputation. There is a potential for decreased property value if not removed.

Removable surface protective film is the most cost-effective. The film protects damage from graffiti and/or shields a vulnerable area from damage before it happens. The film is easily removed and replaced should the surface be vandalized.

Installing surface protective film tackles vandalism while achieving considerable cost and time savings compared to replacement.

  • Stadiums, zoos, restaurants, airports, casinos 
  • Doors, counters, displays, signage, frontage, mirrors, gas pumps, ATMs
  • Office buildings, Corporate offices, Entertainment facilities, Conference Centres
  • Storefronts
  • Elevators
  • Digital screens
  • Restrooms
  • Mirrors
  • Escalator side panels
  • Slot machines

Why Public Bathrooms or Public Restrooms

Public bathrooms are used by thousands of individuals a day. With so much use, many surface areas inside a public bathroom are highly likely to be vandalized. The maintenance for repair and replaced add up to a lot of money and time that can be detrimental to your bottom line as well as its image too.

Potential Problems in Public Bathrooms:

  • They require constant checks to ensure the safety of equipment and services and free graffiti.
  • Continuous vandalism of surfaces and objects (mirrors, signage… etc.) can occur inside a public bathroom.
  • Constant replacement of vandalized products.

High touch areas:

  • Mirrors
  • Bathroom
  • Partitions
  • Doors
  • Interior panels
  • Wall panels


Elevators are an important space to your commercial property. Tenants and visitors all require their use to frequent the business or office space within the building. It is imperative the elevators feel safe and having them free from graffiti and vandalism is key.  Using 3M™ Scotchgard™ Multi-Layer Protective Film 1004 is a small cost to protect elevators and ultimately your property investment.

The Challenges

  • Require constant checks to ensure the safety of equipment and services and free graffiti.
  • Vandalism on both internal and external surfaces
  • Potential loss of tenant occupancy and foot traffic due damage and vandalism